Sample Topics

Millennials And the future of work

For companies, organizations and associations

Millennials are currently making career decisions in large numbers, and by 2020 they will represent almost half our customer base and workforce. Yet, this generation is fragmented, disloyal, and untrusting, which makes them uniquely hard to reach. This presentation tackles the difficult task of understanding millennials – how they think and act, what they look for in products and employers, and more. Lauren shares lessons and strategies in reaching, recruiting, managing and retaining millennials, and shows how authenticity, accessibility, relatability and trust can be leveraged to make successful connections. You’ll leave better equipped to break through the stereotypes surrounding millennials, and with tangible ideas for tapping the potential of this new generation.



For students and recent graduates

Behind every success story is a series of challenges that someone has overcome using creativity, leveraging resources, and – simply put – a lot of hard work. In a presentation targeted specifically at students and new graduates, Lauren shares how approaching your career and your life with a dedication to being exceptional builds a unique “umbrella” that will protect you from any storm. She uses real-life “being exceptional” stories and case studies to inspire audience members and give them the tools to recognize opportunities for self-reflection, innovation and creative problem solving.